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Our Story

From Multimedia and FM Radio Broadcasting since 2009, BroadCom is now entering the Telecom Market, in partnership with Kacific Broadband Satellite Group, to provide the most reliable, affordable and fast broadband Internet services for all the people of Tonga, wherever they are. In any remote island of the kingdom. (From Niuafo'ou, to Tafahi, to Tofua and even 'Eueki and Fonoi) - we provide universal and equal Internet service to everyone, regardless of your location and local circumstances. Experience true broadband now, from any island of Tonga! For more information on BroadCom's satellite broadband services, give us a call.

Our Vision

BROADCOM is challenging the Telecommunication Sector to be the first and only Telecom Company in Tonga providing universal and equal Internet access for any of their citizens, regardless of their location in any remote island of Tonga. From Niuafo'ou to Tafahi in Niuatoputapu, from Hunga, Ovaka and Taunga in Vava'u, to Kotu, Fotuha'a and Fonoi in Ha'apai, inhabitants of these islands today, do not enjoy the same 'Internet Access' speed and quality, in the same way as those in the main islands. All the people in these remote islands deserve the right to enjoy fast broadband Internet services just like our citizens here in Nuku'alofa.  Under the coverage of the Kacific1 satellite, all the remote islands in Tonga are the same. Finally, we are here to demonstrate and to complete what others used to say "That NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND".


BROADCOM's satellite broadband packagess are powered by Kacific Broadband Satellites. Kacific1 the first ever Ka-Band satellite offering coverage over the South Pacific including Tonga through 56 high-powered beams. With Kacific1, users can enjoy the fastest and widest ever satellite bandwidth (up to Gbps speed) in the Pacific. Now, Tonga can now experience new levels of Internet quality like never before!

Coverage Area

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