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Experience Fast and Affordable Internet

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Everywhere in the Tonga


Internet Plans

Unlimited Plans
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Terms and  conditions
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Plan requires 3310 modem.  The 2510 modem will only achieve a speed of upto 70 Mbps.

Terminal includes a 1.2m antenna – 2510 modem and 3W transceiver
All monthly charges are Tax Inclusive

Standard terms and conditions and fair usage policy apply

Capped Plans
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Terms and conditions

• Subject to one-time charges for terminal kit and installation.

• Subject to applicable shipping and/or delivery fees to specific areas.

• Excess usage charges of TOP 7 per gigabyte will apply once data allocation is fully consumed if a top-up pack is not purchased.

• Published rates are paid upfront for capped plans. Unused data will be forfeited at the end of the month.

• The terminal fee includes a 1.2m antenna, a 2010 modem, and a 2W transceiver.

• Top-up Data Packs are valid and will be active for 30 days of usage upon the day of activation (regardless of the reset date of the base capped plan).

• Unused/unfinished top-up packs will be forfeited in the event of an upgrade from capped Gigstarter plans to an unlimited Gigstarter plan.

• All published rates are VAT/GST inclusive. Rates may change with prior notice due to changes in the exchange rates.



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